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We're all going hiking this morning and then we're coming home. Mistress says milkings are better because it cleans me out without allowing me the pleasure of an orgasm. And this new cage with the spikes will keep it small. These she padlocks around my ankles without the merciful cuffs and then cranks wenches until my legs are spread wide open. After we said our I do's with the obey part being mine at her request we went off to the airport hotel for our wedding night before we left for Hawaii the next morning. I arrived at 8oclock to find her dressed in a short white robe.

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I thought about the studs which declared me to be "Shelly's Anal Bitch" as I shifted my weight to keep my feet from freezing on the wet concrete floor. No matter where we are, I strip naked with only my cock-cage on, followed quickly by the leather slave collar she places on me. I don't know why but I told her that made me pre-cum and she immediately told me to drop my pants and underwear so I did. After she had been teasing him for a couple months and had learned what turned him on the most, then she started denying him sex. She said that was better and then showed me a glass that she had the whole time while slapping and stroking me so she could collect the pre-cum that was drooling from my cock at the time. She went into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of ice and the new chastity device.. Strike My Girlfriend of 4 years has me locked in chastity, let me explain, she is a hot stripper she has a tight skinny body long blond hair, big breasts implants, her pussy looks like the hottest pussy you have ever seen, and her ass is so perfect with a tight pink clean ass hole.

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On occasion, and as a special treat, Mistress will sometimes collect my come, and pour it over her wonderful pussy, and require me to lick and swallow all my come off her beautiful cunt. You know how they say that things become more important when you lose them? I woke up to her pulling the covers off me while humming a Beethoven symphony. I eat my beautiful Mistress's pussy nearly every day, sometimes multiple times per day. My imagination went wild thinking what was underneath. I can have six, eight, ten or more orgasms in the space of an hour or two, and keep going and going and going.
I know you'll be lonely but it's only three days and I'll leave you a list of things that have to be done around the house to keep you busy. On occasion, and as a special treat, Mistress will sometimes collect my come, and pour it over her wonderful pussy, and require me to lick and swallow all my come off her beautiful cunt. My cheekbones are high, my wide Mediteranean nose chiselled to perfection, my deliciously full red lips moist with desire as I slowly pass my tongue over them, causing you to fantasize about how that tongue might feel on your cock or on your pussy. Mistress says it would not be good for me or her in the long-run. We're all having a wonderful time. She pulled up her skirt and pulled off the tiny black g-string she had put on and threw it at me.

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